Dressing with Style and Confidence

Dressing with Style and Confidence

Proms are held once every school year, and unlike other campus events, these parties are made to be memorable. You should then make your prom truly special, as it not only a night for you to celebrate with a partner but also serves as the opportunity for you to grow up as a lady of grace and substance.  But how can you make your prom unforgettable? You would have to begin with the dress. When going to the prom, your dress must fit not only your tastes and the latest fashion trends, but as well as your body style. By finding the right dress, you will glow with beauty and confidence, no matter how simple your looks may be.

Here are some of the tips you can use when buying a prom dress that fits

1. Outfit’s measurements

Find a dress that has your measurements. When buying a prom dress, make sure that the outfit’s measurements are suited to your digits-not too tight and at the same time not too loose. A size bigger or smaller may ruin your look, not to mention make you feel uncomfortable during the party.

2.ManageYour Assets

Flaunt your best assets and vice versa. Before selecting a gown, check yourself in the mirror and consider your best and not-so-best assets. If you have long legs and svelte arms, then flaunt them, while the broad hips or bulky areas should be concealed. Some gowns come with shawls or scarves, which can be used for such purposes.

3. Choosing the right color

Get a sophisticated shade of your favorite color. In case your prom has no color code, then you may as well arrive in your favorite color in its chic shade. Pick a more mature hue with not much of the glitter and shine, as you can save the glitz on your accessories.

4. Choosing the right fabric

Find the fabric that makes you look slimmer. In case you are a bit of a plus-size prom princess, you may be able to look svelter by choosing a gown that’s made of the right fabric. Do not choose velvets or tweed, as well as ruffled designs, as they will only make your frame bigger. Go for fabrics that are thinner or have the straight-down effect, such as silk, chiffon, or jersey.

5. Choosing the Classic designs

Go for classic designs. In case today’s trends don’t appeal to your body type, then you may go for the classic styles instead. There are simple yet elegant gowns that follow certain designs from the past, such as corset gowns or goddess gowns which look best on your body type especially when adorned with the right accessories. You may check out magazines as well as celebrity-style websites to have more ideas about what to wear on your prom.


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