The Satisfaction of Handmade Fashion

Clones Fashion

There’s this bizarre phenomenon, you’ve probably noticed it too: the Zara clone. Every season there seems to be at least one high-street piece of clothing that becomes ubiquitous, whether it’s that or not. With social media, it seems that trends spread like wildfire and then refuse to die. The result is that everyone just looks kind of the same! Whether this trend is driven by fast fashion’s micro-seasons and aggressive marketing or social media, I think we can all agree that it’s not a great look. Recently I’ve found myself swooning over check blazers and slogan jumpers, just because so many people are wearing them and looking fabulous. Damn you, beautiful internet people!

Hand Mading  Style

But how do we avoid looking just like everyone else when marketing is now so universal and subtle? I’ve decided to tackle the problem by making my clothes. It’s all too easy to see something, want it and click buy; making something by hand requires planning and considerable time investment. That’s not to say it isn’t worth it, there’s no feeling better than the satisfaction of slipping into something you made with your own two hands. It does however make you reconsider whether trend pieces are worth it, and how to make something that can be worn again and again.

Individual Style

If you’ve never made a piece of clothing by hand, I recommend you try it at least once. Only when you make something yourself can you understand the labour that goes into making clothes. Creating something yourself fosters a sense of ownership with the piece, it is after all, unique and individual to you. Not to mention that after the hours required making something you’ll want to revel in your spoils and show off your handiwork to the world.

Gang Experience

I’m not a confident knitter by any standards, so I wouldn’t have even attempted a whole jumper were it not for the easy-to-follow pattern from Wool and the Gang. The is listed as Easy but that doesn’t dictate how long a project will take. After several false starts and some time-consuming mistakes, it looked as though I might get the jumper done in about 4 weeks. Fast forward 4 months and it’s finally done.

Wearing My Creation

The jumper fits the oversized sleeve trend but it can be worn in several different ways. The colour is quite bold so it’s very clear when I’m repeating an outfit, but this isn’t a problem because it’s a colour I love to wear. It may not be perfectly tailored, but the fact that I made it makes me proud to wear it. Plus if I ever get sick of it, it can always be unravelled and made into something new.


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