Guide to Eyelash Perming Techniques

Eyelash perming makes eyelashes more curled.

Traditional eyelash perming will make the eyelashes form a very large right angle. Not only is it difficult to apply mascara after perm, but it also does not make the eyes look more energetic. A round cotton rope roll is used. The eyelashes need to be long before they can be permed, and liquid is used to soften and fix them. The first dose of perm: Make eyelashes naturally curled, dark, and bright. The second dose of fixative: keeps eyelashes curled for about three months. The third dose of collagen: has the effect of moisturizing the inner layer of eyelashes. The fourth cleaning solution: Clean the glue on the eyelash curlers to make them easy to remove.

Japanese 3D Doll Perm

The Japanese three-dimensional doll perm comes from the latest popular three-dimensional doll perm in Japan. The essence is that it is different from the traditional eyelash perm. It uses your real eyelashes to stick on the flat sand film. It is suitable for people with long eyelashes or short eyelashes. Moreover, the potion used is plant-based and will not cause harm. It is very convenient to organize and can last up to two months. The traditional baby perm is only suitable for people with long eyelashes. For people with short eyelashes, the effect is relatively poor. The flat silicone sheet perm is to perm the eyelashes at a 90-degree angle at the root. It is suitable for people with long and short eyelashes. Even short eyelashes can fit very snugly on the flat silicone sheet and will become very warped when permed. It is very three-dimensional and clearly defined.

Considerations for Eyelash Perming

Eyelashes, like other hair on the human body, are made of protein. Permed eyelashes can achieve the purpose of curling up and styling because chemical reagents or physical methods denature the hair’s protein. If curled and permed for a long time, eyelashes will not only become dry but also fall off easily. If the beautician is not careful during the operation, he may drop highly irritating drops into the eyes of the beautician; if not handled properly, it can easily cause eye allergies, redness, swelling, burns, etc., and in severe cases, conjunctivitis, etc. Since eyelash perming belongs to the category of daily beauty, cosmetic and plastic surgery specialist hospitals and hospital cosmetic and plastic surgery departments do not provide this service. Therefore, you should choose a beauty salon with better technology and equipment to perm eyelashes and perm your eyelashes at most once every six months.


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