Zygomatic Bone Spots

Treatment Options for Zygomatic Bone Spots

Understanding Zygomatic Bone Spots

The characteristic of zygomatic bone spots is that there are clusters of gray-blue spots the size of rice grains on the cheekbones. They will gradually expand from a few spots to dozens of spots, and the color will become darker when exposed to the sun. Known as “hematoma spots” in the beauty industry, they are a type of facial spot unique to Orientals that occur after about the age of 25. Because it happens to be the age at which women give birth, it is often blamed as a sequelae of pregnancy and childbirth. This is just a coincidence of timing.

Managing Zygomatic Bone Spots with Laser Treatment

Zygomatic bone spots are deeply pigmented and are located in a prominent position on the cheeks. Women who are concerned about spots can find it difficult to completely cover them up even if they use concealer or apply thick powder. Especially a thick layer of powder will block the skin’s breathing, causing the skin to be damaged for a long time. In fact, according to the current laser technology, it only takes three to five lightning courses of treatment of zygomatic bone spots, which takes about half a year, to achieve quite satisfactory improvement results.

Ruby Laser Treatment for Zygomatic Bone Spots

Ruby laser is the best choice for treatment: The mother spots on the cheekbones are pigments located in the dermis. Some whitening agents, skin peels, and introductions are of no use. Laser treatment is the most effective method. The current pigment lasers include rubidium Jacques, Alexander, and ruby ​​lasers. Among them, the ruby ​​laser has the best absorption of melanin because of the depth of treatment. It is currently the first choice for laser treatment of zygomatic spots; however, because the mother spots of zygomatic bones need to be stronger After treatment, some patients often experience depigmentation or even scarring after treatment. It is currently recommended that the energy of the ruby ​​laser should be between six and ten joules, and the depth of epidermal thermal burns should be less than 0.35 mm.

 Laser Treatment for Cheekbone Spots

Laser treatment for cheekbone spots is not as effective as removing freckles and sun spots. You cannot expect that a single treatment will restore your skin to a flawless complexion. Taking ruby ​​laser treatment as an example, it requires three to five treatments, with an interval of about two to three months between each time. Years of care are required before the treatment is completed. If there is no clear communication with the doctor in advance, medical disputes will often result because the diagnosis is inaccurate or the possibility of blackening is not informed in advance. Therefore, although the laser equipment and the doctor’s skills are both important, a good doctor-patient relationship is often the key to the sustainability and success of laser treatment.


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