Mask shrinks pores

Review of Pore Minimizing Masks

Mask shrinks pores and reduces shine on the face.

ANNA SUI Water Baby Pore Minimizing Mask has always been meticulously packaged by AMMA SUI. The rich but not overwhelming rose fragrance is refreshing and pleasant. The appearance of the packaging alone has captured the hearts of many girls. The effect of the product is also quite good. It adds massage beads of different sizes, which can penetrate deep into the pores while massaging, and removing blackheads, acne, and old dead skin cells in the pores. The patented ingredients can absorb excess facial oil, further shrink the pores, and make the skin smoother. You have skin as delicate and beautiful as a rose.

LANCOME Clear Oil Mask

LANCOME Clear Oil Pore Firming Mask is different from oil control masks that use cold to astringent. This clear oil pore-tightening mask will give you a warm feeling immediately after applying it. It is a very famous product. Thermal masks can produce a sauna-like effect by generating heat. When the pores are enlarged due to heat, it can go deep into the pores to clean the accumulated dirt. It is combined with antibacterial ingredients and can also be combined with seaweed ingredients that regulate sebum to soothe the skin. No discomfort, leaving your skin feeling comfortable and clean as if you’ve been in a SPA.

The emerald green texture of the RMK Purifying Algae Mud Mask is added with mineral mud and natural seaweed ingredients. The adsorption capacity of natural substances can effectively cleanse the skin of dirt without causing a tight feeling like a physical mask. It can be used immediately.  Enjoy the natural moisturizing effect, adding baker’s yeast essence to help fragile skin retain moisture, making skin pores fuller, tighter, and more elastic, and restoring the skin’s original natural luster.

CLARINS Pore Management

The patented formula of CLARINS Pore Management Fresh Fat Removing Mask effectively deeply purifies excess oil on oily faces and combination skin, adsorbs old waste cells produced by the skin, regulates the skin’s original oil secretion system, shrinks large pores, and has a pleasant effect when used. It has a cooling feeling and a fresh feeling of use, calming the skin that is tired after a long day.


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